When Portuguese sailors first saw Taiwan off the starboard bow in 1544 they christened it Ilha Formosa, the ‘Beautiful Island’. And can you blame them? For 400 years communists, capitalists, imperialists and everyone in between have fought over its mist-shrouded forests, soaring peaks and plunging coastal cliffs. These days it’s definitely a case of ‘come for the adventure, stay for the stirfries’, with some of the best fusion cuisine around, top road cycling, excellent mountain trekking and world-class coffee to boot. Technically it’s known as the Republic of China, but in the last 40 years this little green island has carved out its own destiny, one that’s definitely ‘made in Taiwan’.

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Discover the array of delights Taiwan has to offer, from impressive natural landscapes and thriving cities to rich history and longstanding traditions. Taste the local cuisine, learn the art of traditional papermaking, hike the Linmei Shihpan Forest Trail, explore the Ximending night markets, be captivated by the steep marbled walls of Taroko Gorge and visit Taipei’s most spectacular historic monuments. This tour of Taiwan will captivate, inspire, intrigue, enchant and leave you wanting to return to this beautiful country.